Stephanie & Scott

I met up with Stephanie & Scott on Saturday, to run through their final details and for their pre-wedding photoshoot.  They marry at a church in Leigh in March 2014.  What they would like to do, is after the ceremony, just the two of them go to Pennington Flash for photographs.  We went along their for their pre-wedding photoshoot, to check out the best spots.  The ground is quite uneven and wet at the moment, I informed Stephanie to have this in mind, as she will have her wedding dress on and high heels.  Very different to going down their in your casual clothes!

There are a couple of options I suggested.  Take a spare pair of shoes/wellies to wear under her dress.  I did spot Pennington Park while we were out on our travels, so we went along there to check it out.  Stephanie & Scott have now decided to make a call on the day, depending on the weather.  I’ll post photographs after their wedding and let you know which they decided!


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